reinventing the wheeler
Atlanta, GA

Bio: Married for 16 years, 3 kids, stay at home Mom for 10. Marriage ends, my take away 3 kids and a suitcase. How do you reinvent an old song? How do you recreate a broken family? How do you begin to start over carrying all of this? How do you get a job, reenter the workforce? Where do you live? What do you tell people? Whats that sound the car's making? Can you just quit? What's a girl to do...I reinvented myself, I found new dreams, and after an 18 year break I'm back in school...reinvention - a new way to do an old thing...the old thing, that's not me, just to be clear.

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Dash McCallen

    Thank you for the like! It took some work to find your blog as the Gravatar took me only to the “sign up or log in” Gravatar site. Ah well, Anyway, thank you for following my strong female person! We are close to the end of the arc. 🙂
    Keep up the writing! I’ll follow your journey. You keep visiting!

  2. writenow365

    Hi Christel. Thanks for liking my post at learningtocry.wordpress.com
    I am interested in reading your blog. I think I may see a lot of similar themes. I hope you can check out my posts and let me know if anymore resonate with you.
    In the same boat,


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